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Creature Craft Low Head Dam Rescue Craft
What is the Rescue Craft?

The Creature Craft Rescue Boat is a revolution in inflatable technology. Through tireless research and development the Creature Craft Rescue Boat is truly a breakthrough in rescuer safety and effectiveness.

The Rescue Craft's unique design allows a greatly increased safety margin for rescuers when dealing with any water emergency. The Rescue Craft's seat belt and roll cage system assure that no rescuer will fall in the water and allows confident safe operations in some of the most dangerous rescue environments.

Low Head Dam operations are traditionally one of the most dangerous environments a rescuer can face, but with the use of the Rescue Craft the horrific possibility of putting a rescuer into the terminal hydraulic produced by these obstacles is eliminated. This allows for an effective safe alternative to putting rafts or other water craft into a Low Head Dam.

The Rescue Craft shines in every water environment, from extreme white water to urban flooding and even mud and ice rescues, making it the most versatile product of its kind. The large interior space (20"- 120") creates a large effective working platform that easily accepts a backboard, multiple victims or rescuers and makes the Rescue Craft an excellent dive platform. The Rescue Craft can also accept a 10-hp. outboard motor for motorized boat operations. It is fitted with an oar frame, 3 oars, rigging straps, and custom D ring placement.

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